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    love working with women to create beautiful, tasteful and sexy photos that will empower women to embrace and love who they are at this moment. These photos just so happen to make fantastic gifts for the lucky ones who love these women, too. :)

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Makeup and Hair: Before and Afters

Girls, I know we love before and afters. We know that we can head to the grocery store in our sweats, no make-up and straight out of the shower and rock the natural beauty. But we also know we can get glammed up and rock the fully made-up look. And if you’re like me, getting all glammed up is a treat reserved for going out, big nights on the town and anniversaries, hah!

So there’s no shame in any woman’s “before” photo, let’s be clear. Lately I’ve been shooting some of my home boudoir sessions au-natural, myself, and I must say, it’s liberating. I suppose the closer I get to 40, the more I embrace that a little moisturizer and light lipgloss go a long way. (And is sure a lot easier than breaking out the foundation, eye liner, et all.) I think that’s one of the things I love most about getting older. Yes, I think it’s a drag that my joints hurt and my hair insists on going grayer every year, but there are life lessons that make the aging process so worth it.

Anyway, I want to share a few before and after hair/makeup from the Curves Boudoir sessions. We’re visual, right ladies? And you need to SEE how this whole hair and makeup thing works! As you know, makeup and hair is included with every session and it’s not optional. Why? Because the power of makeup to smooth skin, hide blemishes, contour your cheekbones and make your eyes really pop is a a big part of getting the most out of a boudoir session. When you have professional photos taken, whether on your wedding day or for a portrait or boudoir session, you want to accentuate your best features and make sure your skin is camera ready.

Do you have to get tons of makeup put on? Absolutely not! You can get a beautiful natural look that highlights your best features without looking overly made up. So don’t be afraid of hair and makeup. (The first before/after below is a natural look and she rocks it out!) Besides, you know how you spill your soul to your hair stylist? The same happens when we get you in the makeup chair. We love getting to know you while you’re in makeup and hair!

Here are some before and afters – you take these beautiful women and add some makeup and boom, ready to knock some socks off in their Curves Boudoir session!

Curves Boudoir Style Board: Retro-Inspired Bathing Suits

Here’s another Curves Boudoir style board for you. This is inspired by a lot of retro-styled bathing suits I’m seeing in stores and online for spring. I don’t specialize in pin-up sessions but any session can go a bit pin-up when you add a retro-styled bathing suit. And bonus, you get the wear it again at the beach!

You can follow my Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas board on for lots more fun boudoir wardrobe and style ideas. I’m having a great time putting these together!

Start with some pin-up style makeup, complete with big curls and red lips!

And here’s the look we’re going for:

Let’s start with this ultra-cute black/white striped bathing suit, custom made to fit and available on Etsy for $72. There are A LOT of really cute bathing suits in this shop, so be sure to click the link and check them out.

Here’s another one from the same shop. Absolutely smashing in red.

And if you want to go a little more modern, here’s a set from Urban Outfitters. This one comes in several color choices for the top and bottoms.

And one more set from Etsy – a different store this time. The top and bottom are sold separately and made to order. Love the nautical feel.

You could easily do barefeet with this look, but you may want to wear some high-heel pumps to complete the look. I love these red-striped open-toed pumps from Charlotte Russe and they have lots of solids in similar styles and prices as well.

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Curves Boudoir Style Board: GQ Cover Inspiration

I was drawn to this GQ cover recently with Michelle Willams doing her Marilyn impression as she did for the movie “My Week with Marilyn.” (Which I haven’t seen but have heard is very good.)  I love the bra and panty set, and the addition of the cardigan makes it a great boudoir option for just about any body type. You could drape the cardigan off the shoulders as seen here or you can wrap it around your mid-section if you’d prefer. I really like the nude/black combination of colors – this combo works great with all skin tones in my opinion.

The cardigan pictured is expensive, so I set out to find one that’s similar that would work with the set. Here’s the inspiration for this Curves Boudoir style board:

Here’s the Stella McCartney bra and panty set pictured, available on Net a Porter for $190. This is a popular color combo and I know you could find very similar styles elsewhere for less money.

The sweater in the photo is crazy expensive, so I found something similar that’s a lot less money. This is the “Long and Lean Cardi Sweater” from Victoria’s Secret for $59.50.
And, bonus, you can wear this with your regular wardrobe as well!

And here are some cute pumps I found on the DSW Shoes website for $49.95.

I love them because they carry the nude theme through but the bright pop of color is a little something unexpected.
And they’re peep toe and nice and high, perfect for boudoir.

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Curves Boudoir Style Board: All that glitters…

You can thank a Target clearance rack for the inspiration to begin occasionally pulling together boudoir wardrobe ideas to share with you. That and the fact that some of my favorite client looks do not come from traditional lingerie, but from non-traditional boudoir elements like sweaters, boots, etc. The idea that you have to go all Victoria’s Secret is just wrong. So without further ado, here’s a little outfit I put together to inspire your own creativity. And the best part is, if you like the top featured in this outfit, I have it ready to loan out for you session! I found it on a Target clearance rack and bought it in a large enough size that it will fit most people and we can clip it from behind to make it fit you smaller gals.:)

Here we go…All that glitters…is gold…and black!

I love this black sequin top because it’s sexy without showing the tummy, which I know is a section of the body that some of my clients prefer to downplay. I think it would be gorgeous with the black garter and thong set shown from Victoria’s Secret below (together the set is $38) along with black stockings. You could get the bra, too, and put that underneath for a quick wardrobe change option.

Now a great pair of heels goes great when you’re doing stockings and a garter. The shoes below are from JC Penney and for $40 you can’t beat the cuteness. They have them in several colors. I’ve shown them here in black, which would be more traditional, and rose gold, which I think would be fun with this outfit and the accessories shown.

I love this vintage-inspired gold necklace to contrast all the black in the outfit. It would stand out nicely at the neckline of the shirt. And, believe it or not, this is a Forever 21 necklace,
so it’s only $12.80
. LOVE! (I’ll probably order one of these for myself, so let me know if you’re interested in using it for a session and I’ll bring it for you to borrow.)

And finally, round this outfit off with a beautiful hairpin. Again, you could go black for a more traditional take, or the rose-color to match the rose shoes and necklace if you so choose. Love these and again, they’re only $1.50 for TWO of them from Forever 21. If you need fun accessories for your session, definitely check out the Forever 21 website. Maybe not the highest quality stuff, but perfect for something like this where you may want something a little different for your session!

I still have a couple of boudoir sessions available in Virginia Beach on Sunday, March 11 in the afternoon. And, I’m offering home studio sessions in Virginia Beach on weekday afternoons. You can email me anytime for questions or to book – And as always, full package details and lots of photos are available at the Curves Boudoir website.

In the meantime, I’ll be off pulling together more fun wardrobe options!

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Featured Curves Boudoir Session: Richmond & Virginia Beach, Virginia Boudoir Photography

Location, location, location. That’s not just true with houses but also for boudoir sessions! My idea of a good location first and foremost revolves around great light – as I value tons of natural light. After great light comes neutral settings and furnishings that set a fresh, tasteful and high-end feel. My home studio is furnished in modern, clean-lined furniture, light and creamy tones and textures and lots of light – which make it a great location for boudoir because it allows the client’s beauty to sing right on through. Did you know that I’m now booking weekday afternoon Curves Boudoir sessions in my Virginia Beach home studio? Here are some recent shots from the home studio, and I’m excited to be featuring a home studio client session here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

I’ve been exploring other locations in hopes of finding a flipside look to the clean lines I’m used to – as I love finding new locations and pushing myself to take on new elments within my own style. The challenge was finding great light in combination with rich-looking traditional furnishings without it getting too stuffy. I recently shot at a new location in Richmond, Virginia, and fell in love. It’s historical, with gorgeous high ceilings, which I know I keep talking about, but honestly, you don’t see them at many places anymore. The fireplaces are grand with rich-looking large gold mirrors. The windows, oh, they are floor to ceiling as well, and then there’s the little sitting area window nook. Did I mention the original, refurbished hardwood floors? Yes, there’s that. So this location won my heart on all counts – fantastic light, beautiful bones and to top it off, a mix of antique and mid-century furniture.

I loved it so much that I’m going back in April. I rebooked it exactly two days after coming home and processing people in that room – those photos had something I knew I wanted to capture again! I have one session spot open on Friday, April 13 in the afternoon for that Richmond location, so if you’re interested, grab it! (Email me at Oh, and once again, I’m working with GoGo Gorgeous – Amanda and Kristen – for hair/makeup for the Richmond sessions. I swear to you, they do magical things!

I’ve got boudoir sessions coming up in Virginia Beach on March 11 at another gorgeous, historic bed and breakfast – more great light, more classic furnishings and another opportunity to bring tasteful and sexy right back into the same sentence with a Curves Boudoir session! Two spots left for those sessions. (As always, package details are available at and you can use the contact form on that site to let me know you’d like to book a session!) And I’m super excited to have Theresa Little on board for hair and makeup for the Virginia Beach sessions. She is a joy to work with and makes my clients look absolutely amazing!

So here we go, I want to thank this client for allowing me to feature some of the photos from her session. My clients know that there’s never any pressure to share their photos on my websites, but when they do it’s awesome and gives those just like them who are nervous and not quite sure what to expect a lot more to go on and a greater sense of my style. So thank you to all my clients who give me the opportunity to share photos from their sessions and tell the Curves Boudoir story through their beautiful images.

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