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  • Welcome to the Curves Boudoir Photography blog. My name is Amy Sandoval and I'm a boudoir portrait photographer in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and surrounding cities. Welcome to sneak peeks, boudoir ideas, tips and some fun tidbits along the way. I

    love working with women to create beautiful, tasteful and sexy photos that will empower women to embrace and love who they are at this moment. These photos just so happen to make fantastic gifts for the lucky ones who love these women, too. :)

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Luxurious new Curves Boudoir album option: The 10×10 flush mount album

I started offering two new album options this year and these are selling so well that I decided to offer an even more high-end option for clients who really want to go all out. Introducing the 10×10 leather flush-mount custom album.

This album is a luxurious leather-covered album that highlights your beautiful images on thick, high-quality pages with images that run the length of the entire 10×10 layout. The album comes in the black leather you see here but is also available in a deep tan leather and a hot red leather. Because it’s a larger size (my other album options are 5×5 and 8×8), this album comes with more photos from your session – typically nearly all of your session photos will fit into the 22 pages included. The layout of the images from your session is custom and tells the story of your session beautifully. See more info below for details on this sweet new Curves boudoir album option and be sure to ask me to see it in person when we photograph your Curves Boudoir session!

The 10×10 flush mount album is an amazing addition to any session. Be sure to check out the new “Best of the Best” Curves Boudoir package, that includes this book and a unique combination of digital files and prints all wrapped up together for an incredible price!

The leather cover is thick and has a natural texture. It wraps around the album and the interior of the cover/back is a silk moiree.

Pages are 10×10 and create a spread of 10×20. This is a layflat album, so images can spread across the entire length of two pages, making it perfect for creating collages of your favorite images to tell your session story.

High quality binding and thick, durable pages.

This album comes with pages that have rounded corners.


Featured Session: My home studio for Curves Boudoir sessions

The more Curves Boudoir sessions I shot in hotel rooms and bed and breakfasts, the more I longed for a space of my own to create a soft, modern and romantic look for these sessions. One that was all about the natural light and shadows that create inviting images and flatter all women. So I started a journey to convert a room in my home to a small but photogenic home studio. I’ve shot quite a few sessions there now and it’s turning out to be a favorite spot to photograph clients. The space gives me the flexibility to add and subtract chairs and other furniture and options that I don’t have when I’m in a hotel room. I love using the window light for backlit drama and now I’m adding new backdrop options for even more variety. I have even bigger plans for this small space as the sessions progress, so I look forward to sharing more session images as this little space flexes its big possibilities!

I’ll continue shooting Curves Boudoir sessions at luxury hotels on the weekends and am booking individual sessions at the home studio in Virginia Beach on Thursdays. These sessions include a makeup artist who also comes to my home and pampers clients with full makeup and simple hair. It’s a laid-back, low-key but beautiful way to pamper yourself and create photos that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Biggest thanks to the first client who let me feature many photos from her session and to the other clients here who also let me give you a peek into their sessions so you can get an idea of what a session in the home studio looks like.

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How to personalize your Curves Boudoir album

Lately I have had some of the most beautiful personalizations of client albums. I wanted to share several of them with you. And also a little teaser – I’ll soon be adding a top-of-the-line album option and another new a la carte item to my Curves Boudoir packages. I wants clients to have the best album and gift choices to complete their boudoir sessions and I’ve been doing lots of homework to find unique and beautiful options. I’m looking forward to sharing them soon!

In the meantime: here’s the first page of an album I designed for a client recently – I love the beauty of including a Bible verse in the album – an unexpected but perfect surprise, especially considering the verse.

And a poem that a client added to her album – I adore this, too:

I love you
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.

I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out

-Roy Croft

Makeup and Hair: Before and Afters

Girls, I know we love before and afters. We know that we can head to the grocery store in our sweats, no make-up and straight out of the shower and rock the natural beauty. But we also know we can get glammed up and rock the fully made-up look. And if you’re like me, getting all glammed up is a treat reserved for going out, big nights on the town and anniversaries, hah!

So there’s no shame in any woman’s “before” photo, let’s be clear. Lately I’ve been shooting some of my home boudoir sessions au-natural, myself, and I must say, it’s liberating. I suppose the closer I get to 40, the more I embrace that a little moisturizer and light lipgloss go a long way. (And is sure a lot easier than breaking out the foundation, eye liner, et all.) I think that’s one of the things I love most about getting older. Yes, I think it’s a drag that my joints hurt and my hair insists on going grayer every year, but there are life lessons that make the aging process so worth it.

Anyway, I want to share a few before and after hair/makeup from the Curves Boudoir sessions. We’re visual, right ladies? And you need to SEE how this whole hair and makeup thing works! As you know, makeup and hair is included with every session and it’s not optional. Why? Because the power of makeup to smooth skin, hide blemishes, contour your cheekbones and make your eyes really pop is a a big part of getting the most out of a boudoir session. When you have professional photos taken, whether on your wedding day or for a portrait or boudoir session, you want to accentuate your best features and make sure your skin is camera ready.

Do you have to get tons of makeup put on? Absolutely not! You can get a beautiful natural look that highlights your best features without looking overly made up. So don’t be afraid of hair and makeup. (The first before/after below is a natural look and she rocks it out!) Besides, you know how you spill your soul to your hair stylist? The same happens when we get you in the makeup chair. We love getting to know you while you’re in makeup and hair!

Here are some before and afters – you take these beautiful women and add some makeup and boom, ready to knock some socks off in their Curves Boudoir session!

Curves Boudoir Style Board: Retro-Inspired Bathing Suits

Here’s another Curves Boudoir style board for you. This is inspired by a lot of retro-styled bathing suits I’m seeing in stores and online for spring. I don’t specialize in pin-up sessions but any session can go a bit pin-up when you add a retro-styled bathing suit. And bonus, you get the wear it again at the beach!

You can follow my Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas board on for lots more fun boudoir wardrobe and style ideas. I’m having a great time putting these together!

Start with some pin-up style makeup, complete with big curls and red lips!

And here’s the look we’re going for:

Let’s start with this ultra-cute black/white striped bathing suit, custom made to fit and available on Etsy for $72. There are A LOT of really cute bathing suits in this shop, so be sure to click the link and check them out.

Here’s another one from the same shop. Absolutely smashing in red.

And if you want to go a little more modern, here’s a set from Urban Outfitters. This one comes in several color choices for the top and bottoms.

And one more set from Etsy – a different store this time. The top and bottom are sold separately and made to order. Love the nautical feel.

You could easily do barefeet with this look, but you may want to wear some high-heel pumps to complete the look. I love these red-striped open-toed pumps from Charlotte Russe and they have lots of solids in similar styles and prices as well.

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